I’m Back

“I’m back.”

These were the 2 words faxed over to Chicago Bulls office by Michael Jordan in 1994.  Coming out of retirement and decided to come back for another NBA title. Of course the rest was history.

Even though ‘i’m back’ caused huge storm of hype in the media. The media predicted MJ and the bulls will regain the championship. but to many disappointment they lost to Orlando Magic in the conference final.  It wasn’t that easy after all.

Why am I telling you this?

Many time we declare to ourselves or to others that ‘I’m back’,  wanting regain our footing in most likely of past glory. We thought we could use our past experiences, skills to achieve our goals. Often it wasn’t the case.

New era requires new skills, fresh perspective and renewed relationships. Though past experiences brings certain extend of advantages, it also can be a disadvantages.

This season is new season for me, took me couple of months to figure what I wanted to focus on. I tried many old tricks that I hope it will work again but nonetheless led to disappointment.

So I locked in with learning new things, forming new connections. At least I’m looking the light coming from the end of the tunnel.

After the lost to Orlando Magic.

MJ renewed his wow by working hard during off season. Because of his aging body, he had to trained different moves without needed to rely on athletism alone. The bulls also sign new players to be supporting cast to MJ and Pippen. In the end – they won 3 years in a row – 1996-1998.

Look at your life now and see what new perspective you need, what kind of new relationships need to be formed and what new skills to honed.

Your friend – SY

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